How It All Started


In 2010, our founder, Edwin, moved from the United States to the Philippines to immerse himself in the Filipino culture that had always fascinated him. Upon his arrival, Edwin aspired to make a career out of his Jiu-Jitsu practice in the professional world of Mixed Martial Arts. However, not long after settling in the Philippines, Edwin met the love of his life, Caroline, and he turned his focus toward marriage and starting a family.

New priorities compelled Edwin to seek stability in his career path, which is what led him to work at Aegis People Support and Convergys, both call centers that are located in Cebu City in the Philippines. Edwin started out working in customer service and sales, eventually working up to a role in management. During this time, Edwin gained a lot of experience working side by side with the Filipinos and seeing how hard they would work day after day. At the time, Edwin was unaware that his experience working with the Filipinos in the call centers would eventually inspire him to build what would later become “EWC Virtual Hub.”

With a growing family and growing financial obligations, Edwin took on a second job, generating leads for real estate companies that were heavily focused on wholesaling. Gathering from his experience, he started writing scripts for his call campaigns and training other Filipinos who were also interested in this type of work. Eventually, Edwin was hired by a man named Brent Daniels, founder of the TTP Program, who he worked with for over 3 years. During this time, Edwin was able to help Brent significantly scale his business and enjoy great success that would eventually lead to the development of Brent’s TTP Program.

While working in the real estate industry, Edwin found that he was strongly compelled and passionate about helping his fellow Filipino colleagues ensure they were treated fairly and properly. With that in mind, Edwin opened a small call center in San Carlos City with a friend. They called their new business “Edwin Wholesale Call.”

As time went on, Edwin’s operation grew and became one of the most desirable companies for Filipinos to work for. Edwin’s effective leadership and kind demeanor was a stark contrast to the poor work conditions that many Filipinos had grown accustomed to elsewhere. With its glowing reputation, Edwin Wholesale Call had effectively become a central hub for Filipino virtual assistants to work in harmony, where they were properly treated. This prompted Edwin to rebrand the company to “EWC Virtual Hub.”

Today, EWC Virtual Hub has grown into a family that consists of the nation’s top producers and lead generation experts. With the proceeds of the business and generous donors, EWC Virtual Hub has made a big difference in the Filipino community and reinvigorated those working in the industry. If you asked Edwin, he would tell you that EWC Virtual Hub has given him a meaningful reason to get out of bed every day, just knowing that he can continue to create a positive and fair environment for those around him!